Uncle Ezra and the Lions Club

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Men vs Women, Old Age
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   Cleetus invited Uncle Ezra to join the Lion’s club, and Uncle Ezra decided that would be something that he would like to do. So Uncle Ezra went to his first club dinner. All the other men were long-time members, and knew each other well. As they sat around the table enjoying their chicken dinner, the men got to know Uncle Ezra a little better.

   After dinner, the men pushed back from the table. Some of the men pulled out some big cigars and lit them up. One of the men leaned forward and said to the group, “Eighty-one.” All the men laughed.

   Another fellow waived his arms, and said, “Hey, hey, guys, remember One-Hundred fifty-eight.” Uproarious laughter followed, to which another man quickly replied, “Twenty-two!” The whole place was rolling with laughter. The Treasurer broke in with a quick succession of, “Ten… Twelve… and Three-o-five!” Men were crying, they laughed so hard.

   Uncle Ezra turned to Cleetus and said, “What are they laughing at?” Cleetus explained, “We’ve all been members of this club for many, many years. So long, in fact, we all know every joke that’s ever been told. So to save time, we numbered the jokes, and if something strikes us as funny, we just call out the joke number. Go ahead, try it.” Cleetus urged.

So Uncle Ezra cleared his throat and timidly announced, “Forty-one.”

Dead silence.

“Try again,” urged Cleetus.

“Sixty-four,” said Uncle Ezra.

You could hear the crickets leave the building.

   Finally, from the far end of the room, a man broke out, “Sixteen!” And once again, the place was filled with loud, boisterous laughter. Uncle Ezra leaned over to Cleetus and said, what did I do wrong?” Cleetus told him, “Honestly? You need to work on your delivery.”

Uncle Ezra stays out all night.

Uncle Ezra teaches himself to write.


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