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Professor Beetle

   I am a semi-retired professional who enjoys humor as counterbalance to the seriousness of life. A 1987 graduate of the University of Tennessee, a 20-year military veteran, and currently a laboratory director, I love automobiles, anything with an electric cord, my family, and especially my beautiful wife. But I’m not above poking fun at any of these things.

   As a matter of fact, if you know me, I’m always asking friends, “Did you see that picture of…?” or “Did you hear the one about…?” or “Did I show you the video about…?” Whether they’ve seen it or not, I’ll go grab my laptop, power it up, and well, you know the rest.

   So this site was created for sharing with my friends and acquaintances the things that I find funny or interesting. I might post a picture, a video, a joke, a Top Ten list, a story. The subject matter is probably science-related, technology, or related to my job, the military, automobiles, toys, audio/video, trains, or religion (mine). That’s the stuff I like. And I like to make fun of these topics, not to be mean, but to point out the irony between what’s on the surface and what’s real.

   SHARE WITH ME – I love jokes, pictures, funny things. If you’d like to send me a picture, joke, etc. just send it to beetle63@netzero.com. If I like it, I’ll share it. Please, don’t send me anything vulgar, disgusting, racist, or just plain mean. Thank you. I hope you enjoy.