Luv letterz

Here are some of the world's greatest love letters.

   For several years after we were first married, my wife taught elementary school. She was very young, and very blonde, and very beautiful (and still is). These are a few of my favorite love letters from her students:

A letter from a friend, just keeping in touch:

Dear Peb,

Guess what happened to me this week...
you guessed it! Ha

Your friend forever


After going away to her first year in college, she gets a letter from her younger sister, wishing she would come back home:

Dear Pooh-Bear,

Please come home! I miss you so very, very much. Words can’t begin to express how much I miss you. Things just aren’t the same when you’re not around. It’s like a peace [sic] of life is gone from me. I miss you terribly, terribly bad! Please come home and bring me some clothes. I am in desperate need of some, or else I am going to have to start going naked and let everybody get a thrill out of my beautiful, sexy body.


In desperate need of some clothes,
Your ever loving Sis.

But Some letters are not lovely at all:

Click here to see the picture.


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