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Where’s the remote?

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A Warning posted on the sound system of a German car at the Auto Show:

Das Machine ist nicht für Gefingerpoken oder Mittengrabben. Ist zu easy zu schnappen der Springz, blowen die Fuzen, breaken der Buttunz, und macht spitzensparken. Das ist nicht fur gewerken by das Normale Dummkopf. Die rubbernecken Sightsieer shuld keepen Hands in der Pockets, Relaxen, und watchen das Blinkenlights!

Something Odd Here

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There’s something odd about these fellows gathered to re-enact the Civil War

Do you see it?

These ‘people’ are not people at all. They are 1/6th scale action figures; 12-inch-tall G.I.Joes! You can see more of these amazing guys at

Rosewood987’s site.

The Homepage of the 79th New York Infantry, Co. A, East Tennessee


Mattel, the major toy company who owns the rights to the Barbie® doll, has tried many different approaches to expanding the Barbie line, from the ‘make-up and hair’ bodiless Barbie head, to the life-sized “My Barbie”. One of their more lucrative offerings was the Christmas fashion-themed “Holiday Barbies.” The first Holiday Barbie, released in 1988, can be worth as much as $750. Mattel also offered a line of University cheerleaders and international-themed Barbies wearing traditional ethnic clothing. Now Mattel has created a new line of eight fashion dolls in a series of “Southern Girls.”

    Warning: Some readers may find the following article offensive.


Knoxville Barbie

   ‘Knoxville Barbie’ is an East Tennessee Princess who knows how to spend money! She comes with an assortment of Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Prada, and Abercrombie accessories. She also has a soft spot in her heart for animals and so a long-haired foreign dog is included. There are two versions of ‘Knoxville Barbie’, one with a tummy tuck, the other has a facelift. The gas-guzzling Lexus SUV and her soul mate, ‘Workaholic Ken’ are each sold separately. ‘Knoxville Barbie’ is only for sale in exclusive Mall shops.

Tri-Cities Barbie

   Hailing from Kingsport, Bristol and Johnson City area of Tennessee and Virgina, the ‘Tri-Cities Barbie’ is a modern, active, and independent homemaker. Her clothing line includes biker shorts, fitness sweats, and a gym suit. She has to make the daily rounds between Skipper’s soccer, basketball, and volleyball games. That’s why her Ford Windstar includes a Garmin navigation system and a Blue Tooth phone. The Ford Windstar and ‘Sporty Skipper’ are each sold separately.

Atlanta Barbie

   The Yuppie* ‘Atlanta Barbie’ comes with Anne Klein, Liz Claiborne, and Lord & Taylor suits. Her accessories include a complete portable office: a Mac® Book, Smart Phone, Starbuck’s® coffee cup, credit cards, and Country Club membership certificate. She keeps her office on-the-go with your choice of a convertible BMW, or a Hummer H2 (each sold separately). Rounding out the ‘Atlanta Barbie’ offering are ‘Shallow Friend Ken’ with the patented ‘Roving Eye’, and ‘Private School Skipper,’ each sold separatley. Mattel offers 2.9% financing on purchase of two or more ‘Atlanta Barbies.’ [* Young Urban Professional]

Memphis Barbie

   Formerly offered as ‘Parolee Barbie,’ the new ‘Memphis Barbie‘ still retains the ex-con persona. Her wardrobe includes street clothes, jeans, and oversized ‘hoodie’ jackets. Accessories include a 9mm, a hunting knife, and a meth lab. This Barbie drives a late-model GMC pickup (sold separately) with dark tinted windows and a ground effects package. She sometimes gives a ride to ‘Parole Officer Ken’ (also sold separately). ‘Memphis Barbie’ can only be purchased after 11:00 p.m. and must be paid for in cash.

Middlesboro Barbie

   ‘Middlesboro Barbie’ is a young, single mother that comes with a stroller and two young babies. ‘Middlesboro Barbie’ comes with a wardrobe of oversized T-shirts, cut-off jeans, and a “University of Kentucky – National Champions” basketball jersey. Accessories include a GED, cell phone, and WIC vouchers. Her boyfriend, ‘Baby-Daddy Ken’ is no longer available.

Birmingham Barbie

   Hailing from the Heart of Dixie, this pale, skinny, over-made up ‘Birmingham Barbie comes with painted-on blush, two-sizes-too-small Wrangler jeans, a NASCAR T-shirt, and a ‘tramp stamp’ tattoo. Accessories include a six-pack of beer and a country music CD. ‘Birmingham Barbie’ is fully poseable and she can high-kick ‘Mullet-haired Ken’ in the face with no problem. Broken-down pickup with confederate flag is sold separately.

Olando Barbie

   This brassy-haired beauty is ‘Orlando Barbie’ and she comes with false fingernails, a pair of high-heel sandals, a flowered halter top and low-rise, acid-washed jeans. Her mobile home (sold separately) comes with two lawn chairs and a black-and-white TV. Other available lawn accessories include worn out tires, car batteries, pink flamingos and a ceramic toilet filled with flowers. Her boyfriend ‘Roofer Ken’ and his friend, ‘Beer Gut Bob’ are also each sold separately.


Asheville Skipper

   ‘Asheville Skipper’ sports a ‘natural look’ of short, straight brown hair, no makeup, unshaven armpits, and Birkenstocks with white socks. Although her name is Skipper, she prefers to be called ‘Star.’ Star does not come with a Ken doll, nor does she want one, but if you buy the optional Subaru Wagon with Rainbow bumper sticker, you get a second ‘Asheville Skipper’ FREE.

Typical Southern directions

More “Dolls”

Why Certain Barbie Dolls are More Expensive

Walmart Bingo

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WalMart Bingo

Here's a game for you to enjoy with friends on your next trip to WalMart.

WalMart bag fashions

WalMart meets the Air Force

Star Wars collectible

This is one of the rarest of the series of Star Wars collectables: the Force.

Luke’s car

Put your face on a Star Wars (or any other) toy


The "Divorced Barbie" commands high prices in the marketplace.

   One day a father gets off work and on his way home he suddenly remembers that it’s his daughter’s birthday. He stops by a toy shop and asks the salesperson, “How much for one of those Barbies in the display window?”

The saleslady answers, “Well, It depends. Which one do you mean, sir?”

“Any of them,” he replies.

   “Well, We have: Work-Out Barbie for $19.95, Shopping Mall Barbie, she’s also $19.95. Also, Beach Barbie, Night Club Barbie, Ballerina Barbie, Astronaut Barbie, and Skater-Boi Barbie are all priced at $19.95. Then there’s Divorced Barbie, Divorced Barbie is $199.95”

The amazed father asks: “What?! Why is the Divorced Barbie $199.95 and all the others only $19.95?”

The saleslady rolls her eyes, sighs, and answers: “Sir…, Divorced Barbie comes with: Ken’s Car, Ken’s House, Ken’s Boat, Ken’s Furniture, and one of Ken’s Friends.”
The South’s most collectible, Limited Edition Barbies

How to Spot a Divorced Woman