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Imminent Failure

Death Wish



The Old Man on the Motorcycle

Camping, but you’re doing it wrong


   A young man inherited a considerable amount of cash. The first thing he does it purchase a brand new Porsche 911 convertible. Cruising around town, he’s just looking for people to admire him and his new car.

   As he’s sitting a a stoplight, an old man rides up next to him on a vintage racing bike. The old man looks over and says, “Nice car.” The young guy beams with pride. “It should be, it cost me a pretty penny,” he replied. “Is it fast?” the old gentlemen asks, as he leans over the passenger-side door to get a better look inside. “Fast?” the young guy repeats, taking the old man’s comment as a challenge. “You have no idea how fast this thing is.” The old man chuckles at the younger guy’s boasting, and the young guy is a little miffed.

   “I’ll show him,” the young guy thinks to himself. When the light turned green, the Porsche laid down two black stipes on the pavement, and was past 60 m.p.h in just a few seconds. The young guy let off a little and took a quick glance in his rear-view mirror. He sees the old man pulling away from the stop light, and closing fast. Like a rocket, the old man on the motorcycle flashes past the sports car.

   The young man gets back on the gas and passes the old man. Looking back in his mirror, the old man is once again gainging ground. Soon, he is passing the Porsche again. Determined to not be beaten, he pushes the Porsche into three-digit speed. Pulling past the old man, he smiled smuggly. Suddenly, the man rams his bike into the rear end of the car. The young man pulled over and got out. He runs back to the old man to check on his condition.

   Laying on the side of the road, the old man told the Porsche driver that he was okay. “I can’t believe that old bike of yours would go that fast,” the young guy said. “Well, normally it wouldn’t, but when I leaned in for a closer look, I accidentally hooked my suspenders on your side mirror.”

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